1. TULIPEX Exchange Fee Description

Please refer to the fee description for details.

2. How do we prevent phishing attacks?

For the security of your account, please refer to the following safety instructions: Use a unique account email and different passwords, and do not disclose these information to anyone. Check the official website domain name before logging in: tulipex.com, and choose reliable anti-virus software that is continuously updated. Encrypt your email and mobile phone, and to ensure the safety of your computer and computer network, use a secure wired cable to access the internet.

3.Safety Guidelines

For the safety of your assets, please refer to the following safety instructions: Do not lend your account and password to other people. Do not log in to TulipEX's official website (computer or mobile phone) on a public device. Do not open any links or emails sent by strangers. Enable “Login Two-Factor Verification” (Google or SMS verification) and turn on 'Two-Factor Verification' Google authentication, SMS verification.

4.Interested in listing on TulipEX or want to contact us for business partnerships?

Please email business@tulipex.com